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001-Carl's living room 7-02.jpg002-Carl's dining room 7-02.jpg003-Painting high up 8-02.jpg004-New salmon & blue 8-02.jpg006-New coasters on table 8-02.jpg

007-New couches 8-02.jpg008-View from salmon kitchen 8-02.jpg009-Tile w abcd  9-02.jpg010a-Carl w dolphin tile  9-02.jpg010b-Dolphin tile 9-02.jpg

011-Completed sink view 9-02.jpg012-Completed corner view 9-02.jpg013-Blue kitchen 10-02.jpg014-Blue kitchen w table 10-02.jpg015-Pebbles 10-02.jpg

016-Carl laying tile 11-02.jpg017-Dining room tile 11-02.jpg018-View from bridge 11-02.jpg019-Back entry tile 11-02.jpg020-Carl sawing trim 1-03.jpg

021-Cutting away dolphin tiles 1-03.jpg022a-Doorway and window trim 1-03.jpg022b-Doorway trim 1-03.jpg023-New rug 1-03.jpg024-Removing carpet 10-03.jpg

025-Backerboard, down 10-03.jpg026-Tiled wo grout 1-04.jpg027-Looking up 3-04.jpg028-Looking down 3-04.jpg029-View of tile & rug 5-04.jpg

030-Mural 5-04.jpg031-Stair trim 5-04.jpg032-Added green 5-04.jpg033-View of balcony 5-04.jpg034-View from kitchen 5-04.jpg

035a-Mural on stairs 6-04.jpg035b-Mural 5-04.jpg036-Dining room shells 6-04.jpg037-Mural & clouds 6-04.jpg038-Toilet seat & clouds 7-04.jpg

039-New light & sw plates 7-04.jpg040-Before shutters 7-04.jpg041-Chart wall 7-04.jpg042-Closeup chart wall 7-04.jpg043-Desk & cabinets 7-04.jpg

044-View of living room 7-04.jpg045-Shutters & charts 9-04.jpg046-Old blinds 5-04.jpg047-Blinds & yellow 7-04.jpg048a-Blinds & trim 9-04.jpg

048b-Orange 9-04.jpg049-Bed & trim 9-04.jpg050-Mural & trim 9-04.jpg051-Bathroom & trim 9-04.jpg052-View into mirror 9-04.jpg

053-Shower 9-04.jpg054-Red cabinets 9-04.jpg055-Hammock picture 7-05.jpg056a-Stairs with painted railings 7-08.jpg056b-Bridge with painted railings & new carpet 7-08.jpg

057-Painted railings 7-08.jpg058a-Corner with carpet sample 6-08.jpg058b-Guest room 6-08.jpg059-Guest room 7-08.jpg060-Guest room 7-08.jpg

061-Guest room & bath 7-08.jpg062-Guest bath 7-08.jpg063-Termite tent, June 2010.jpg064-Completed roof, Aug 2010.jpg065-New front door, Sept 2010.jpg

066-New side garage door, Sept 2010.jpg067-New HOA fence & our gate, Sept 2010.jpg068-New block wall, Oct 2010.jpg069-Kitchen cabinets, Dec 2010.jpg070-Kitchen cabinets, Dec 2010.jpg

071-Kitchen cabinets, Dec 2010.jpg072-Kitchen cabinets, Dec 2010.jpg073-Kitchen cabinets, Dec 2010.jpg074-Kitchen cabinets, Dec 2010.jpg075-Spa, lifted up, Dec 2010.jpg

076-New window, kitchen, Feb 2011.jpg077-New slider, dining room, Feb 2011.jpg078-New window, living room, Feb 2011.jpg080-New window, office, Feb 2011.jpg081-New window, bedroom, Feb 2011.jpg

083-New window, guest bedroom, Feb 2011.jpg084-New window, bathroom, Feb 2011.jpg086-New windows, front, outside, Feb 2011.jpg088-New windows, back, outside, Feb 2011.jpg089-Countertop removed, Mar 2011.jpg

093-Carl fixing leaks, Mar 2011.jpg096-New kitchen cupboards, Mar 2011.jpg097-New kitchen cupboards, Mar 2011.jpg098-New kitchen cupboards & new lights, Mar 2011.jpg099-New kitchen lights, Mar 2011.jpg

101-Removing spa, Mar 2011.jpg102-Breaking up concrete, Mar 2011.jpg103-Back ready for grading, Mar 2011.jpg104-Spa formed, Mar 2011.jpg105-Gunite spa & rock setup, Mar 2011.jpg

107-Spa gunite setting up, Mar 2011.jpg108-Rock creation, Mar 2011.jpg109-Painted spa rocks with flagstone coping, Mar 2011.jpg112-Digging drain trench, Apr 4.jpg115-Wacking deck, Apr 5.jpg

117-Walkway forms, Apr 5.jpg119-Pumping concrete on spa deck, Apr 6.jpg121-Concrete on spa decks, Apr 6.jpg122-Concrete walkway, Apr 6.jpg123-Completed entry walkway, Apr 12.jpg

124-Completed flagstone in backyard, Apr 12.jpg125-Completed flagstone & spa, Apr 12.jpg128-Installing fence, Apr 14.jpg129-Installing fence, Apr 14.jpg131-Completed fence, Apr 14.jpg

132-Completed fence, Apr 14.jpg133-Completed fence, Apr 14.jpg134-Getting ready for plastering, Apr 19.jpg138-Plastering spa, Apr 19.jpg140-Plastered spa & plants, Apr 19.jpg

142-Backyard with spa & waterfall, Apr 22.jpg143-Green and blue spa lights, Apr 21.jpg145-Side yard sprinkler infrastructure, Apr 19.jpg147-Installing grass, backyard, Apr 29.jpg149-Completed side yard, Apr 29.jpg

151-Completed side yard, Apr 29.jpg153-Completed backyard, May 7.jpg154-Completed backyard, May 7.jpg155-Completed backyard, May 7.jpg156-Completed spa with waterfall & plants & parrot, May 7.jpg

158-Carl in spa, June 18.jpg159-New garage ceiling, Nov 2011.jpg160-New garage paint & cabinets, Dec 2011.jpg161-New garage paint & cabinets, Dec 2011.jpg162-New garage paint & cabinets, Dec 2011.jpg

163-New garage paint & cabinets, Dec 2011.jpg164-Shower demo, Nov 2011.jpg165-Shower ready for tile, Dec 2011.jpg167-Shower almost finished, Dec 2011.jpg169-New lights in master bathroom, Dec 2011.jpg

171-Mstr bath shower doors, Jan 2013.jpg172-Mstr bath new counter & sinks, Jan 2013.jpg173-Mstr bath, waterfall faucet, Jan 2013.jpg175-Mstr bath, Jan 2013.jpg
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