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Journal Entries for Renovated House in Lake Forest
Living Room, Dining Room and Entry - August, 2002

Carl's house WAS all white with neutral furniture. Over the course of a couple years and a lot of hard work, we changed all that!!! Carl told Nancy that going to the Bahamas (May, 2001) would change her life. She's always been pretty conservative with decorating. Well, with a little encouragement from Carl, Nancy is conservative no more!!

Our plan was to use lots of colors, like the Bahamas, with all things nautical, shells and/or dolphins for highlights.

The first thing we did was remove the old verticals from the windows beside the fireplace and replace them with white shutters. All the colors will be highlighted with white trim.

We also brought coffee tables and lamps back from the river to start our shell decor.

Carl surprised Nancy one day in August, 2002 when she came by after work. Instead of all white, the living room, dining room and kitchen were salmon!!

Then a few days later, he painted the entry area blue!!

We went to visit Nigel down in Imperial Beach (south of San Diego) and found a wonderful shell shop. We picked up shell coasters, among other things, to use on the table that we brought back from the river.

Our new furniture finally arrived. Isn't it obvious now our choice of paint colors???
001-Carl's living room 7-02.jpg

002-Carl's dining room 7-02.jpg

003-Painting high up 8-02.jpg

008-View from salmon kitchen 8-02.jpg

004-New salmon & blue 8-02.jpg

006-New coasters on table 8-02.jpg

007-New couches 8-02.jpg
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