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Journal Entries for Modified Jeep
Before Lift: We bought a basic 2006 Jeep Wrangler X to tow behind the 34' Pace Arrow RV. It was great for running around in town and was much, much better on the highways than our Samurai Suzuki.

We put over 15,000 driven miles and over 10,00 towed miles on the Jeep while we decided how much we wanted to modify it. The modification included new tires, of course, so we wanted to get some use out of the stock tires. So...two years after we bought it, we finally figured out what we wanted to do!!!

These are the BEFORE pictures of our baby stock Jeep. It was amazing what it could do stock, but we wanted to do MORE!!!

001-Jeep side, before.jpg

002-Jeep rear, before.jpg

004-Jeep front, before.jpg
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