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Journal Entries for Boats

January 31, 2002: Steven, Carl and I went over to Rohde's to see Carl's boat. Rohde took the Keith Black out of the boat before Carl sold it to Richard, Rohde's son-in-law.

September 2012: Richard sold the Beismeyer to Rohde's dad, I think in 2011. He'd messed up the engine, so Rohde put Carl's old Keith Black engine back in it. Then in Sept 2012, we were fortunate to be out at the river on it's maiden voyage with the new engine. After Rohde broke it in, Carl took Rohde's dad for a ride. Then Mike (Rohde's son) and Ryan (Rohde's nephew) took it out. For some reason, the engine died and when Ryan tried to start it again, the key broke off in the ignition. Plans to take it out the next day didn't materialize. Hopefully, we'll get to drive/ride it again.

001-Steven & Carl with Beismeier.jpg


246-Carl & Pops in boat, Sept 2012.jpg
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