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Journal Entries for 2007-10 Havasu Jet Ski Races
Sunday, October 14th: The competitors had two minutes to perform whatever tricks they could. The main trick was the backwards 360 flip!!! Many times they didn't quite make it, but when they did it was awesome. They made it look easy.

The other popular trick was the barrel roll where they would roll the ski 360 deg. There were more competitors who could do this trick.

After the two minutes, there were two boats who would run down the course creating a huge wake. They had one chance to get some big air and do a big trick.

The Japanese won. We don't know how the Russian did.

10-Jet ski Freestyle.jpg

12-Jet ski Freestyle.jpg

22-Jet ski Freestyle.jpg

31-Jet ski Freestyle.jpg

35-Jet ski Freestyle.jpg
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