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Journal Entries for 2007-10 Ballooning
Saturday, October 6th: We went with Rohde, Shelly and the Sr. Rohde's (Rohde's Mom & Pop) to the Annual VFW Hanger Party at the Parker Airport. When we drove up, we saw some trucks loaded up with hot air balloon equipment. Shelly pointed out Gene, owner of one of the trucks.

When we got a chance, we went over to his truck to get a closer look and Gene came over to talk to us. Gene said he was going up the next day, weathering permitting, of course, and was willing to take riders. I've always wanted to do this!!! This seemed like an excellent opportunity!!!

We got up early, about 5:00 a.m. (before the sun was even up) and went down to the airport. We waited around until the sun came up to see what the wind was going to do. While we were waiting, we met another couple, Tom & Sally Bartsch with the Morning Glory balloon. Finally, Gene, Tom and Sally decided the wind was OK and it was safe to go up for a short ride. The weather forcast was for high winds after 9:00 a.m., so it would only be a short ride.

Gene looked like he had several people who wanted a ride and the baskets only hold 3 people, so we talked to Tom and Sally who didn't have any passengers lined up. They agreed to take me up, maybe Carl, if he wanted to. As we helped Tom and Sally, along with another couple, get the balloon set up, we got some pictures of Gene and his crew getting his balloon aired up.

02-Assembling Gene's equipment.jpg

03-Airing up Gene's balloon.jpg

04-Airing up Gene's balloon.jpg

05-Hot air in Gene's balloon.jpg
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