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Journal Entries for 2013-05 Krista's Graduation
Summary: We went to Krista's graduation.

Friday, May 10th (Rohnert Park, 1st night): We arrived at the hotel about 5:00pm. Krista had picked up Stu from the airport about noon. Krista's parents, Dan and Patty, arrived shortly after we did.

We all got together eventually and went to dinner. Krista's friends, Seth and Don, joined us for dinner. After dinner the "adults" went back to the hotel. The kids went out and had fun.

Saturday, May 11th (Rohnert Park, 2nd night): This was the big day!! The "adults" were up early (because we had gone to bed early) and went to breakfast. Krista and Stu joined us for a late breakfast later that morning.

We went our separate ways, sorta. Krista had to pick up her cap and gown and other errands. Stu went with her most of the time. Then we were all back at the hotel to get ready.

We went to the field for the ceremony early, about 1:30pm. It was a good thing we did because we got great seats. Fortunately, we had an umbrella (thought it was going to rain) and Patty bought a SSU umbrella. It was very warm and we were sitting in the sun, but we were on the top of the bleachers. This gave us a great bird's eye view of everything, we didn't have to worry about our umbrellas blocking anyone's view and we could stand up to stretch or take pictures.

The ceremony started about 3:00pm. There was the procession, the speeches and then the awarding of the diplomas--over 1,000 of them. We all totally missed her handshake and receiving the diploma. We had no idea when she was going to be called. She texted Patty, but we still didn't get the picture. The diplomas were fakes, of course. Krista already had hers at home because she actually completed her course work in December 2012. It was very exciting!! Lots of cheering!!

After it was all over, we took pictures. Then we all went to dinner again.

We are all so proud of Krista!! She graduated in 3-1/2 years, in spite of going to several schools. We expect great things from her!! I know she won't let us down.

003-Stu, Seth, Dan, Patty, Carl in stands, Sonoma State Univ.JPG

033-Krista (School of Social Science) in processsion, Sonoma State Uni.JPG

056-Dan, Krista & Patty, Sonoma State Univ.JPG

061-Carl, Krista & Nancy, Sonoma State Univ.JPG
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