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Journal Entries for 2011-09 Michael & Laicie Wedding
Summary: We drove to Salem, SC.

Wednesday, Sept 28th: We took the scenic route when we left Dana's and Marcia's in North Carolina. Pictures of the waterfalls are in Adventures in the USA / 2011-09 Chattanooga.

When we got settled in our B&B, we called Don and then went to meet him at his house. We found that I was invited with the other girls to a Celebration for the Bride and Bridesmaids. This was being hosted by friends of the bride's mother. Ginny, Patty and I went to this party.

The boys went to a "brother-in-law" party or Bart's (Bart is Don's brother-in-law) birthday party. Don, Carl and Dan met Bart for their own party. It was called a brother-in-law party because Bart, Carl and Dan are all Don's brother-in-laws. I had the camera, so Carl didn't get any pictures of their party!!!

026-Bridal party, Bride & Bridesmaids Party.jpg

034-Guests, Bride & Bridesmaids Party.jpg

036-Guests, Bride & Bridesmaids Party.jpg
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