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Journal Entries for 2011-09 Dana & Marcia
Summary: We went to Dana's & Marcia's.

Sunday, Sept 25th: We left Chattanooga, Tenn after three days of being tourists and drove to Dana's and Marcia's. It was a beautiful drive along the river. We stopped to take some pictures of the rafters going down the river.

We met Dana at the shop. The last time we visited them, they were both working in shops out of their house. Since then, they've bought land in a beautiful area and built a shop building with areas for both of them to work. Before long, they'll have a new house, too.

We had a great time visiting them for a few days. Then we went to Salem, SC for a wedding.

03-Rafters on river.jpg

24-Dana outside new shop.jpg

12-Inside Dana's shop.jpg

18-Inside Marcia's shop.jpg
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