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Journal Entries for 2009-10 Darryl & Family at Parker
Saturday, October 17th: Darryl, Peggy and Jonathan came out on Friday. On Saturday we went for a 4WD ride. The yellow Jeep is just too hard to get in and out of, so we took the white 4-door Rubicon.

We went looking for Slot Canyon out at the end of Shea Road, Parker. We took the wrong turn and ended up at Planet Ranch. Outside the gate were some ruins that we walked around. It felt good to get out and stretch a little bit.

The gate looked locked with nine locks on it, but it really wasn't locked. But....we turned around to continue looking for Slot Canyon.

We went back to Shea Road and turned right, towards the Bill Williams River. Just a short distance further, we found the road to Slot Canyon. We drove through the canyon, turned around and came back to Shea Road. We wanted to get back early enough to play on the water since the weather was so nice.

02-Nancy, Peggy, Jonathan & Darryl near Planet Ranch.jpg

05-Planet Ranch gate locks.jpg

06-Slot Canyon, Parker.jpg
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