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Journal Entries for 2007-08 Johnny's
Monday, August 6th: It's been almost seven years since I've been here (for my mother's funeral) and it's the first time for Carl. He's met Johnny, but neither of us had met Johnny's new wife Phyllis.

Johnny showed Carl the spring house that they rebuilt. It sits on the creek and supplies ALL of their water.

The cows came right up to the fence near the house, so we got some great pictures. Johnny has five new calves that are really cute!!! Fred, the bull (all his bulls are named Fred), really stood out from the cows.

We got a picture of the caboose that was going to be a guest house. It may still get fixed up someday.

After dinner, we sat out on the porch admiring their view. It was hot during the day (95 deg), but it cooled down at night.

1960-Roamer at Johnny's, Ks.jpg

1962-Johnny's spring house & Bentley.jpg

1963-Johnny's cows.jpg

1966-Caboose at Johnny's.jpg

1968a-Phyllis, Johnny, Carl on porch.jpg
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