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Journal Entries for 2007-06 Dana & Marcia
Summary: We went to visit Dana and Marcia.

Friday, June 1st (Warne, North Carolina-1st night): We finally made it to Warne, North Carolina. Dana was waiting for us when we arrivied. We visited with Dana (Marcia was out) for a while, giving Dana a tour of the Roamer. Then Dana took us over to his new lot. They have purchased a new lot a few miles away and are in the process of building--first a "his and her" shop, then a new house.

Marcia wanted to name the road "Foxglove Alley", but other people got involved and it ended up "Little Foxglove Lane".

The foundation for the shop was almost completed. This is going to be a single story with areas larger than either Dana or Marcia have now in their shops. The foundation for the kiln area has been laid and progress is being made almost daily. Dana has done a lot of the manual labor, like digging out the trenches for the foundation, but most of the work is being contracted out.

When we got back to the house, Marcia was home. So we visited some more and enjoyed their new dog, Stella, out on their deck.

Saturday, June 2nd (Warne, North Carolina-2nd night): We spent lots more time visiting with Dana and Marcia. We took Stella for lots of walks (Carl and Dana twice a day, Marcia and Nancy twice a day). Dana took us over to visit their friends, Barbara & Lou. Dana wanted to show us the front door he made for them and the kitchen cabinets. Why didn't I take pictures??? The door and cabinets were beautiful!!! He does great work!!!

0837-Dana on Little Foxglove Ln.jpg

0842-Dana w new shop.jpg

0851-Dana, Carl, Marcia, Stella.jpg
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