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Journal Entries for 2007-05 Noah Family Reunion
Summary: We went to Chesley's and Imogene's.

Friday, May 18th (Rooster Poot, Arkansas): We met Walter Allen, Steve (his son) and Billy Joe Waters and Gwen (his wife) at the hotel. We visited for a while and then went to see Uncle Chesley and Imogene.

Dakota (Vicki's son) and Macy (Vicki's granddaughter) were riding around on the golf cart as we drove up. Macy is a little over 1 year old and just as cute as a button!!!! At Uncle Chesley's and Imogene's we found out that Leroy was home, so we all went over to Leroy's and Charlene's. Calls were made and Vicki (their daugher) and Amber (her daughter) came by, too.

We got a bunch of pictures of everybody. There were five generations there with Chesley & Imogene, Leroy and Charlene, Vicki, Amber and Macy. It's been a long, long time since anybody had seen Billy Joe (BJ) so everybody had fun getting caught up.

0445-Steve, Walter Allen, Carl, Gwen, Billy Joe.jpg

0448-Imogene, Carl, Leroy, Amber.jpg

0449-BJ, Ches, Imogene, Walter.jpg

0450-Dakota, Macy, Amber.jpg

0452-Gwen, Charlene, Billy Joe.jpg

0455-Vicki, Imogene, BJ, Ches, Macy.jpg
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