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Journal Entries for 2017-09 DWYC Extended Cruise
Summary: We sailed to Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, San Pedro, LA Harbor.

Thursday, Sept 7th: We drove down to Dana Point with clothes and food for 10 days on the water. We went to the club for dinner and spent the night on the boat.

Friday, Sept 8th: We were up at our usual early hour. After coffee and breakfast, we were in touch with Jim & Bev to find out when they were going to be leaving for the Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club. They planned to leave about 10:00am. We really wanted to get there after they did, but we were ready to go by 9:30am, so we left Dana Point and headed up the coast. We arrived at the Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, San Pedro, LA Harbor (39nmi) before lunch. We didn't see Jim on the way up, but somehow he passed by us and was there with H2OMAN before we got there.

Jim & Bev were berthed on the guest dock and we were in a slip on the next dock over. Soon Alex & Laurel came in on CHEERIO, joining Jim & Bev on the guest dock. At some point Bob & Kathy came in and docked BOB/KAT in a slip across the way.

We all got together for Happy Hour (a DWYC tradition) on H2OMAN at 5:00pm. Bob & Kathy had ridden their bikes over to the guest dock, so they rode their bikes over to the Los Angeles Yacht Club while we walked. We had a great dinner and got to know everybody.

003-Map of DWYC Extended Cruise.jpg

005-Leaving Dana Point, Sept 8.JPG

008-Map of CBYC & LAYC, San Pedro, LA Harbor, Sept 8.JPG

011-Lighthouse & PV, entering LA Harbor, Sept 8.JPG

012-Entering LA Harbor, Sept 8.JPG
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