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Journal Entries for 2016-06 Key Largo Part 4 of 5

Part 1: We spent two weeks (May 11th to May 25th) in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.
Part 2: We flew to Atlanta and drove to Dana's in Brasstown, NC (May 26th to May 30th) and then went to Devil's Fork State Park (May 31st to June 2nd) (see Family Albums/2016-05 Dana & Marcia).
Part 3: We stayed at Devil's Fork State Park (June 3rd to June 5th) and spent time with Don, Ginny, Michael, Laicie & Tillman (see Family Albums/2016-06 Don, Michael & Tillman).
Part 4: We flew from Greenville, SC to Miami (June 6th to June 11th) and drove to Key Largo (see Adventures in the USA/2016-06 Key Largo).
Part 5: We met up with Mary Jean and the NatGeo group (June 11th to June 21st) and went to Cuba (see Adventures in Foreign Countries/2016-06 Cuba).

Summary: We flew to Miami and drove to Key Largo.

Monday, June 6th: We had coffee and breakfast and packed up to start Part 4 of our trip. On the way to the airport, we stopped at a UPS store to print out our boarding passes and to mail Carl's drone back home ($30). We didn't want to try to get it into and out of Cuba.

We stopped at a local park for our picnic lunch on the way to the airport. We had a Delta flight at 2:00pm from Greenville, through Atlanta again to Miami. There was talk of Tropical Storm Colin in the area, but we had no trouble and no flight delays. We finally arrived at the Pullman Hotel about 8:00pm. We were really tired, so we cleaned up and went to bed.

Tuesday, June 7th: We got up and had coffee in the room. We had a short drive to Key Largo and check-in time was 3:00pm, so we had lots of time. We stopped at a nearby McDonald's for breakfast. Then we drove from Miami to Key Largo in about 90 minutes. As expected, our room was not ready, so we stopped by Dolphins Plus where we were going to play with the dolphins the next day. We talked to Wendy who was there when we were here in Nov 2011. She didn't remember us, but we talked to her and learned about a program to swim with the humpback whales in Dominican Republic. We'll look that up and put it on our bucket list.

It was still early, but we had no place else to go, so we drove to our hotel. The room still wasn't ready, so we went next door to the restaurant and had lunch. We discovered that our Verizon phones do NOT work here!! We talked to a guy about renting paddleboards and jet skis. Carl went in the pool and then our room was finally ready. We got unpacked and settled in. We had to use the hotel phone to call NatGeo to clarify some details regarding our upcoming trip to Cuba.

002-Carl in park, Greenville, SC.JPG

005-View from our room, Pullman Hotel, Miami.JPG

022-Carl in pool, Dove Creek Lodge, Key Largo.JPG

023-Storm over Dove Creek Lodge, Key Largo.JPG
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