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Journal Entries for 2016-05 Florida Part 1 of 5

Part 1: We spent two weeks (May 11th to May 25th) in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.
Part 2: We flew to Atlanta and drove to Dana's in Brasstown, NC (May 26th to May 30th) and then went to Devil's Fork State Park (May 31st to June 2nd) (see Family Albums/2016-05 Dana & Marcia).
Part 3: We stayed at Devil's Fork State Park (June 3rd to June 5th) and spent time with Don, Ginny, Michael, Laicie & Tillman (see Family Albums/2016-06 Don, Michael & Tillman).
Part 4: We flew from Greenville, SC to Miami (June 6th to June 11th) and drove to Key Largo (see Adventures in the USA/2016-06 Key Largo).
Part 5: We met up with Mary Jean and the NatGeo group (June 11th to June 21st) and went to Cuba (see Adventures in Foreign Countries/2016-06 Cuba).

Summary: We flew to Ft. Myers Beach.

Wednesday, May 11th: We got up a little early for our 6:30am pickup ($80) to SNA. We flew Delta through Atlanta to Ft. Meyers Beach, arriving on time about 6:30pm. We picked up our rental car (Toyota Camry) and drove to Pelican Watch (#604). We stopped to pick up our keys, but they weren't in the lockbox (even though we had called and told them that we were arriving on May 11th instead of May 7th). We called the emergency number and had to wait for someone to come by with the keys. We finally got the keys and got to our condo about 8:30pm. Our condo has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small front sitting area, dining area, living room and a full kitchen. The living room and bedroom face the beach with a large patio. We even have a laundry room, which will be really useful at the end of our two-week stay here. We started to unpack and when Carl turned on the A/C, it didn't work!! We called the office and while we were waiting for the maintenance man, we found that we didn't have any water either!! This wasn't a good way to start out. The maintenance man came and got the water turned on and the A/C running. We later found mold in the shower, rust in the freezer and other things. This unit has not been well maintained.

Thursday, May 12th: We got up really late (8:30am). Our body time clocks are sure out of whack. We took our first walk on the beach and then our first chore was go to the grocery store to get supplies, including coffee. Note to self - Bring coffee!! When we got back to the condo, we had late coffee and breakfast. We waited and waited for maintenance to come and fix the internet, but he never came. Somebody did come with a new shower curtain to replace our old moldy one. She called us on the phone, but we didn't know how to buzz her in. Carl walked down the six flights of stairs to get her (and back up) because the elevator was out just then. About 3:00pm we walked down the beach and went to lunch/dinner at the Salty Crab. Then we went back to the condo and rested some more.

0008-Our living room, Pelican Watch #604, FMB.JPG

0017-View from patio, Pelican Watch #604, FMB.JPG

0021-Pelican Watch from beach, FMB.JPG

0024-Sunset, FMB.JPG
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