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Journal Entries for 2016-02 Yellowstone
Summary: We flew to Idaho Falls.

Monday, May 1st: We were packed and ready to go when Angelica picked us up at 8:30am to meet our Delta flight at 10:20am from SNA to Idaho Falls (IDA). We had about an hour flight to SLC with a half hour layover and another one-hour flight to Idaho Falls. We arrived on time about 4:00pm. We lost one hour in time zones. We had to wait for our Enterprise rental car, but we were finally able to get on the road by 5:30pm. It was about 100 miles from Idaho Falls to West Yellowstone on Hwy 20, but it was a pleasant drive with little traffic.

Along the way we saw a single snow kiter alongside the road. There was a good solid breeze blowing and he was really moving!

We finally arrived in West Yellowstone just as it was getting dark. We checked in at the Explorer Cabins and found our Cabin #4 by 7:15pm. We had two bedrooms, one of which we didn't use. The kitchen had a stovetop, microwave, small refrigerator and cooking utensils. No stove, but we managed without it. There was no kitchen table, so this wouldn't be a good choice for a family, even with the extra bedroom.

Tuesday, May 2nd: We got up and had coffee in our cute little cabin. We ran errands and rested up from our travels. The car thermometer read -16 degrees when we left for our errands at 8:30. The car clock was wrong.

Our first stop was McDonalds for a quick breakfast. Our next stop was the Chamber of Commerce to get a Senior Pass for Yellowstone Park. They cost a one-time fee of $10 and permit free entry to any National Park as well as discounts for some state and city parks. It's a great deal.

Then we went by Two Top Snowmobile Tours to check out what we needed for the next day. Our last stop was the grocery store to stock up on essentials for the next week or so.

The rest of the day, we relaxed and enjoyed the scenery outside the window of our cute little cabin.

0002-Map of Idaho Falls to W Yellowstone.JPG

0012-Snow kiting, Hwy 20, Idaho Falls to W Yellowstone.JPG

0021-Kitchen, Explorer Cabin #4, W Yellowstone.JPG

0026-Temp from car, 7.30am, W Yellowstone.JPG

0031-Our Explorer Cabin #4, W Yellowstone.JPG
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