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0004-Lucas (1.5 yrs) at The Village at Mammoth sign.JPG0005-Our condo, #1426.JPG0006-Our bedroom, #1426.JPG0007-View from condo, #1426.JPG0008-Santa's Elf Rock, #1424.JPG

0009-M&N condo, #1424.JPG0011-M&N's Audi at sledding hill.JPG0012-Grandma & Ethan (3.5 yrs) with sled, Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs).JPG0013-Michael, Ethan (3.5 yrs), snowman, Grandma, Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs).JPG0015-Lucas (1.5 yrs) ready to play in snow.JPG

0018-Michael carrying Ethan (3.5 yrs) & sled up hill.JPG0019-Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0020-Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0021-Grandpa taking pictures of Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0022-Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding.JPG

0023-Grandpa taking pictures of Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0026-Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0027-Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0028-Ethan (3.5 yrs) in snow.JPG0029-Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs) sledding.JPG

0031-Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0032-Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0033-Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0034-Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0035-Michael pulling Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) on sled.JPG

0036-Michael pulling Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) on sled.JPG0037-Michael pulling Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) on sled.JPG0038-Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) on sled.JPG0042-Nancy pulling Ethan (3.5 yrs) uphill on sled.JPG0043-Nancy pulling Ethan (3.5 yrs) uphill on sled.JPG

0044-Nancy pulling Ethan (3.5 yrs) uphill on sled.JPG0045-Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding by himself.JPG0046a-Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding by himself.JPG0046b-Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding by himself.JPG0047-Michael pulling Ethan (3.5 yrs) uphill on sled.JPG

0049-Grandma pulling Ethan (3.5 yrs) uphill on sled.JPG0050b-Grandma & Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding.JPG0051-Our condo.JPG0052-Michael walking behind condo.JPG0053-Michael on walk around village.JPG

0054-Michael on walk around village.JPG0055-The Village Christmas lights.JPG0056-Grandma, Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Nancy & Ethan (3.5 yrs), The Village.JPG0057-Grandma, Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Nancy & Ethan (3.5 yrs), The Village.JPG0058-The Village Christmas lights.JPG

0059-The Village Christmas lights.JPG0061-Grandma, Nancy & Ethan (3.5 yrs), The Village.JPG0062-Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs), The Village.JPG0063-Christmas decorations in The Village.JPG0067-Grandma, Lucas (1.5 yrs) & Ethan (3.5 yrs), The Village.JPG

0068-Grandma & Grandpa, The Village, Mammoth.jpg0071-Ethan (3.5 yrs), The Village.JPG0072-Ethan (3.5 yrs), The Village.JPG0073-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs), The Village.JPG0075-Band playing, The Village.JPG

0076-The Village Christmas lights.JPG0077-Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Ethan (3.5 yrs), Michel & Grandma, The Village.JPG0078-Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Nancy & Ethan (3.5 yrs), The Village.JPG0079-Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Nancy & Ethan (3.5 yrs), The Village.JPG0095-Christmas tree, The Village.JPG

0096-M&N, Lucas (1.5 yrs) & Ethan (3.5 yrs), Christmas tree, The Village.JPG0099-Ethan (3.5 yrs), Christmas tree, The Village.JPG0102-Ethan (3.5 yrs), Christmas tree, The Village.JPG0105-Grandma & Nancy, The Village.JPG0108-Ethan (3.5 yrs) walking in snow.JPG

0111-Grandma, Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) & Michael walking in snow.JPG0113-Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) walking in snow.JPG0118-The Village lights.JPG0121-The Village lights.JPG0124-Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) with bear, The Village.JPG

0127-Michael, Ethan (3.5 yrs), Nancy, Grandma & Lucas (1.5 yrs) at fire, The Village.JPG0129-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) at fire, The Village.JPG0132-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) at arcade.JPG0133-Ethan (3.5 yrs) at arcade, Mammoth.jpg0134-Lucas (1.5 yrs) with goggles, Mammoth.jpg

0135-Ethan (3.5 yrs), Christmas tree, Mammoth.jpg0145-Lucas (1.5 yrs) walking with Grandpa, The Village.JPG0149-Ethan (3.5 yrs), Lucas (1.5 yrs), Grandma, Nancy & Michael on the way to gondola.JPG0152-View from gondola.JPG0153-View from gondola.JPG

0155-Mammoth slopes.JPG0156-Grandma & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Mammoth.JPG0156-Grandma & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs), Mammoth.JPG0156-Grandma & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Michael, Nancy & Ethan (3.5 yrs), Mammoth.JPG0162-Nancy at lesson, Mammoth.JPG

0163-Nancy at lesson, Mammoth.JPG0164-Lucas (1.5 yrs) & Grandma, Mammoth.JPG0166-Lucas (1.5 yrs) & Grandma, Mammoth.JPG0167-Lucas (1.5 yrs) & tired Grandma, Mammoth.JPG0169-Igloo, Mammoth.JPG

0171-Grandma with Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) at igloo, Mammoth.JPG0172-Grandma with Ethan (3.5 yrs) inside igloo, Mammoth.JPG0174-Lucas (1.5 yrs) leaving igloo, Mammoth.JPG0176-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) leaving igloo, Mammoth.JPG0177-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) leaving igloo, Mammoth.JPG

0179-Grandma, Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) watching Santa going skiing, Mammoth.JPG0183-Grandma, Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Mammoth.JPG0185-Little kid taking lessons, Mammoth.JPG0187-Little kid taking lessons, Mammoth.JPG0191-Lucas (1.5 yrs) with Grandma in the gondola, Mammoth.JPG

0192-Grandpa & Ethan (3.5 yrs) on gondola, Mammoth.jpg0201-Grandma, Ethan (3.5 yrs) with beanbag, The Village.JPG0203-Lucas (1.5 yrs) playing beanbag game, The Village.JPG0204-Lucas (1.5 yrs) playing beanbag game, The Village.JPG0206-Ethan (3.5 yrs), Lucas (1.5 yrs) playing beanbag game, The Village.JPG

0207-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) playing beanbag game, The Village.JPG0208-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) playing beanbag game, The Village.JPG0209-Lucas (1.5 yrs) getting beanbags for game, The Village.JPG0212-Ethan (3.5 yrs), Christmas display, The Village.JPG0215-The Village.JPG

0219-Ethan on gondola, Mammoth.JPG0221-Ethan on gondola, Mammoth.JPG0222-Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs) on gondola, Mammoth,.jpg0224-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) on gondola, Mammoth.jpg0225-Mammoth slopes.JPG

0226-Mammoth slopes.JPG0227-Mammoth slopes.JPG0228-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Mammoth.jpg0229-Lucas (1.5 yrs) getting snowball, Mammoth.jpg0232-Ethan (3.5 yrs), Mammoth.JPG

0234-Nancy, Ethan (3.5 yrs) on snowboard, Mammoth.JPG0235-Nancy, Ethan (3.5 yrs) on snowboard, Mammoth.JPG0238-Snowing in The Village.JPG0239-Snowing in The Village.JPG0242-Grandpa, Christmas display, The Village.JPG

0244-Grandma, Christmas display, The Village.JPG0248-Christmas tree, The Village.JPG0249-First part of snowman, The Village.JPG0259-New snow for Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0261-Christmas tree & presents, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG

0263-Michael in Santa hat, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0267-Lucas (1.5 yrs) with 1st gift, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0268-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) with 1st gifts, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0268-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Nancy getting gift, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0275-Lucas (1.5 yrs), Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Nancy, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG

0288-Grandma's calendar, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0289-Lucas (1.5 yrs), Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Michael, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0292-Grandpa, Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Nancy & Michael, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0295-Lucas (1.5yrs) & Ethan (3.5 yrs) playing with light swords, Mammoth.jpg0301-Grandma, Lucas (1.5 yrs) & M&N, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG

0303-Lucas (1.5 yrs), Ethan (3.5 yrs) & M&N, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0303-Olaf & new snow, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0305-Lucas (1.5 yrs) with Olaf, Mammoth, Christmas.jpg0308-Ethan (3.5 yrs) & Lucas (1.5 yrs) with Elmo, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0311-Lucas (1.5 yrs) & Michael with Elmo, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG

0312-Lucas (1.5 yrs) with Elmo, Christmas at Mammoth.JPG0313-Ethan (3.5 yrs) opening RMC, Mammoth, Christmas.jpg0324-Driving through Mammoth.JPG0326-Driving to Main Lodge, Mammoth.JPG0333-View from scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG

0334-View from scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG0335-View from scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG0336-View from scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG0339-Grandma & Michael, scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG0341-Ethan (3.5 yrs), Lucas (1.5 yrs) & Nancy, scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG

0342-Ethan (3.5 yrs), scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG0354-View from scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG0356-View from scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG0357-View from scenic gondola, Mammoth.JPG0366-Grandma at top of gondola, Mammoth.JPG

0369-Top of Sierra, 11K ft, -5deg, 70mph gusts, Mammoth.JPG0372-Top of Sierra, 11K ft, -5deg, 70mph gusts, Mammoth.JPG0375-Michael at top of Sierra, 11K ft, -5deg, 70mph gusts, Mammoth.JPG0376-Michael at top of Sierra, 11K ft, -5deg, 70mph gusts, Mammoth.JPG0377-Grandma at top of Sierra, 11K ft, -5deg, 70mph gusts, Mammoth.JPG

0385-View from top of Sierra, Mammoth.JPG0387-View from top of Sierra, Mammoth.JPG0388-View from top of Sierra, Mammoth.JPG0395-Michael, Mammoth.JPG0399-Mammoth statue, Mammoth.JPG

0403-Grandma & Ethan (3.5 yrs), Mammoth statue, Mammoth.JPG0404-Grandma & Ethan (3.5 yrs), Mammoth statue, Mammoth.JPG0408-View on scenic drive, Mammoth.JPG0409-View on scenic drive, Mammoth.JPG0412-Ethan (3.5 yrs), Grandma & Grandpa, Mammoth, Christmas dinner.jpg

0422-M&N, Grandma coming with Lucas (1.5 yrs), Mammoth.JPG0425-Grandma coming with Lucas (1.5 yrs), Mammoth.JPG0427-Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs), Mammoth.JPG0429-Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) on snowboard, Mammoth.JPG0431-Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) on snowboard, Mammoth.JPG

0434-Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Michael & Ethan (3.5 yrs) on snowboard, Mammoth.JPG0435-M&N on gondola, Mammoth.jpg0436-Michael's view from Mammoth slopes.jpg0437-Michael's view snowboarding, Mammoth.jpg0438-Michael snowboarding, Mammoth.jpg

0439-Nancy snowboarding, Mammoth.jpg0441-Wooly going skiing, Mammoth.jpg0444-Ethan (3.5 yrs) on snowmobile, Mammoth.JPG0445-Ethan (3.5 yrs) on snowmobile, Mammoth.JPG0446-Ethan's (3.5 yrs) hill, Mammoth.JPG

0449-Ethan (3.5 yrs) on hill, Mammoth.JPG0453-Ethan (3.5 yrs) playing in snow, Mammoth.JPG
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