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Journal Entries for 2014-12 Mammoth-Family (Michael)
Summary: We went sledding in Mammoth.

Monday, Dec 22nd: We left about 8:00am for Mammoth. We expected a 5-6 hour drive and that's about what it took. We drove the Jeep because we weren't sure if we'd get into snow or not and thought it would be easier to drive in the snow and easier to park. This did work out, although we never got into any really bad snow conditions.

Michael and Nancy drove their new Audi. They left later than we did and took longer breaks because of the boys. We got to the condo about 3:00pm and they got there about 4:30pm. They barely made it before it got dark. We all had an easy drive with little traffic and clear roads. We were assigned #1426 and #1424, which were right next each other. There were no connecting condos, so this was the best we could do. The Village at Mammoth is a large rental condo complex. There are three buildings with an underground garage connecting the three buildings. We were in Grand Sierra on the 4th floor with a view of the mountain (not the swimming pool). We both had a patio, which was really great to get fresh air from time to time. It was a long walk from the car in the garage, or even to outside, from our rooms. We'd get all bundled up for outside temps (high 20's) and then have to walk through heated hallways.

Tuesday, Dec 23rd: We went out to breakfast. There was really only one place open for breakfast, which really surprised us. We expected lots and lots of places to eat.

Then we went sledding. Michael and Nancy had a new sled from Costco that was super lightweight. So, about 10:00am, we drove just a short distance up towards the Main Lodge until we found a parking area on the side of the road. There were several other people out sledding here, too. Lucas enjoyed his two short rides. But, Ethan especially liked sledding. He even got brave enough to do it on his own!!

We went back to the condo for naps. While Ethan was sleeping, Michael and Grandpa went for a walk.

After naps, we walked to dinner. The Village was lit up for Christmas. There were Christmas lights, Christmas displays and a huge Christmas tree. Michael had a buffalo burger!! Then we walked home through the snowfield opposite The Village.

It was a great first day to get acclimated to the 8,000 ft altitude.

0007-View from condo, #1426.JPG

0038-Nancy & Lucas (1.5 yrs) on sled.JPG

0045-Ethan (3.5 yrs) sledding by himself.JPG

0079-Michael & Lucas (1.5 yrs), Nancy & Ethan (3.5 yrs), The Village.JPG
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