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Journal Entries for 2014-08 Maui-Family (Steven)
Summary: We flew to Maui.

Thursday, Aug 21st: We were picked up at 10:15am by Andy ($150) for the trip up to LAX. Our flight was at 1:20pm and we landed in Maui 1/2 hour early about 3:30pm. We had only carry-on bags, so we didn't have to wait for luggage. We went directly to the rental car shuttle and pickup up our Dodge Caravan (with car seat and booster) at Avis ($1,000). We drove across the island, stopping at Panda Express on the way to our condo, the Maui Kai near Lahaina. We got in early and everything else went so easy that it was actually light outside driving along the coast. We checked in and got settled into #808, a western corner unit. We were a little disappointed that the living room included the enclosed lanai, but otherwise the condo was very comfortable.

Friday, Aug 22nd: We went to McDonald's for an easy breakfast and then drove along the coast up to Honolea Bay. The wind was really blowing, but there were several people from snorkel groups out snorkeling. It wasn't too rough in the bay.

Then we stopped at Avis, just a block from the Maui Kai, to swap out vehicles. The brakes were chattering. They exchanged vehicles with no problem.

We needed to go to the grocery store, for us and Steven, but first we took a short drive up to Honolea Bay. We just wanted to scope it out and explore a little to get the feel of being in Maui again. It actually drizzled on us a little bit as we went west, but the sun came out again as we turned around and headed east again.

Our next stop was the grocery store. We picked up stuff for us and enough for Steven's family to get by the first morning. Then we went back to the condo to relax.

After lunch, we took a short walk on the beach. Carl just HAD to get in the water!!! Our chores were done and he needed his "ocean fix".

The beach has eroded quite a bit since our last visit here (Oct 2013) with Dana, Diann & Rex. We had trouble getting to the beach from the Maui Kai patio. We had to walk across the rocks. Hopefully it'll be better during low tide and we can access the beach when the kids get here.

0007-Living room & kitchen, #808.JPG

0015-Rainy Honolua Bay.JPG

0018-Carl taking a dip.JPG

0019-Condo from beach.JPG
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