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Journal Entries for 2013-11 Maui-Family (Diann & Dana)
Summary: We flew to Maui.

Tuesday, Nov 5th: We were picked up at 10:30am by Andy ($190) for the trip up to LAX. Our flight was at 1:30pm and we landed in Maui 15 min early about 5:00pm. We got our Dodge Caravan at Enterprise ($1,000) and drove across the island to our condo, the Maui Kai near Lahaina. We checked in and got settled into #308, a western corner unit. We were a little disappointed that the living room included the enclosed lanai, but otherwise the condo was very comfortable.

Wednesday, Nov 6th: We slept late, but we'd gained two hours with the time difference (Hawaii doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time). We had our coffee overlooking the ocean, listening to the waves breaking below and made up our grocery list. We called Dana and Diann, working out details for when they arrive. Now that we had arrived, we had a better idea of the situation.

After coffee, we left the condo and stopped at McDonalds for a quick breakfast and went to the store. When we checked out, our credit card was denied. While we were standing in line, I got a call from the fraud department and he released the card. It was embarrassing and the couple behind us got a little teed off. Oh well, it's nice to know Visa was on top of things.

After the grocery store, we went back to our condo and relaxed.

We took several videos during the trip. Rex's phone videos didn't have sound after I converted them, so I couldn't use them, but he and Diann's camera took some good videos and Carl got some good videos, too.

008-Maui Kai, Maui.jpg

018-View from Maui Kai #308, Maui.jpg

025-Coral on beach.jpg
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