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Journal Entries for 2013-05 California Coast Road Trip

Summary: We drove through Ventura to San Simeon.

Monday, May 6th (Ventura, 1st night): We left Monday morning and drove to Ventura (100 miles). Our room wasn't quite ready, so we drove down to Ventura Harbor. We walked around a little bit and went to the Channel Island National Park Visitor Center. We've talked about going to the Channel Islands, but the logistics are difficult and there really isn't that much to see from a boat. It's set up more for camping and we're just not set up for that.

Then it was time to check in. Carl rested a bit and then we went to have dinner with my relatives. Marlene cooked for 13 of us (Chuck & Marlene, Liz & Mike, Amy & Andy, Gregory & Jennifer, Mildred, Linda & Wendy, and us. It was a great family gathering, as if it hadn't been 20+ years since we'd been together. I learned a lot about present and past family events. It was really great seeing everyone and we'll have to do this again soon!!

Tuesday, May 7th (San Simeon, 1st night): We had coffee and breakfast. Then we went to the Channel Island National Park Visitor Center. We wanted to see the movie and to see what was really there. We talked about both the boat and the air charter, but neither really works for us.

Then we drove to San Simeon (190 miles). We stayed at the Best Western right on the ocean. We walked on the beach and relaxed. We were right down the street from the Hearst Castle. We visited the castle on our way back down the coast.

008-View of harbor, Ventura.JPG

011-View of harbor, Ventura.JPG

032-View of coast, San Simeon.JPG

038-Sunset on coast, San Simeon.JPG
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