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Journal Entries for 2013-02 Big Bear-Family (Steven)
Summary: We went to Big Bear.

Monday, February 18th: We took the longer route up to Big Bear, stopping at Lake Arrowhead on the way up. We wanted to get settled in the condo before all the kids arrived. It was an easy drive. There was no snow on the road at all.

Tuesday, February 19th: Steven and Christine left early in the morning. When they arrived we went out and played in the snow. We made snow angels and used the sleds they brought on the little hill by the condo. It was just lightly snowing from time to time while we were out playing.

Wednesday, February 20th: It snowed big time overnnight, several feet. Michael and Shaun had to use chains. Steven and Christine met them at the ticket booth and they spent the morning snowboarding/skiing in the new snow.

Carl and I met them with the kids at lunch in the lodge with a birthday cake!! Then Shaun had to go back home. Michael stayed a few more hours, but then had to leave and go to Mexicali for work.

Thursday, February 21st: We had a great breakfast and then Steven and Christine packed up the kids and left. It was so quiet. Carl and I didn't have any pressing reason to go back home, so we stayed one more night.

Friday, February 22nd: We had coffee/breakfast and left. The roads were clear again after the snow and we had a quick trip home.

006-Papa at Snow Summit Townhouses, #10.JPG

043-Steven & Cadence (4.5 yrs) making snow angels, Snow Summit.JPG

096-Shawn, S&C heading for lift, Snow Summit.JPG

133-S&C, Michael, Snow Summit.JPG
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