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Journal Entries for 2010-09 Maui
Summary: We flew from LAX to Maui.

Thursday, Sept 9th (1st night): We had an uneventful flight -- the best kind!! We got our rental car and drove to our condo. It was just getting dark when we started out, so it was dark when we arrived.

We had a late check-in, but we finally figured out the lock box to get our key. We're up on the 9th floor in a corner unit.

Here's some information about Hawaii and Maui. Modern geology indicates that the Hawaiian Islands are situated near the middle of the "Pacific Plate," one of a dozen thin, rigid structures covering our planet like the cracked shell of an egg. Though adjoining each other, these plates are in constant motion, the Pacific Plate moving northward several centimeters per year. Scattered around the world are many weak areas in the earth's crust where magma slowly wells upward to the surface as a "plume." Here volcanoes and volcanic islands, such as Maui, are born. Maui, one of the younger islands in this chain, began as two separate volcanoes on the ocean floor; time and again, eon after eon, they erupted, and thin new sheets of lava spread upon the old, building and building, until the volcano heads emerge from the sea. Lave, wind-blown ash, and alluvium eventually joined the two by an isthmus or valley, forming Maui, "The Valley Isle." Finally, Haleakala, the larger eastern volcano, reached its greatest height, 12,000 feet (3,600 meters) above the ocean- some 30,000 feet (9,100 meters) from its base on the ocean floor.

Friday, Sept 10th (2nd night): It was overcast when we got up, but there was a warm tropical breeze. We planned this trip to be like a vacation, with lots of rest. Most of our trips are filled with activities and we don't rest enough. This time we were determined to REST!! So, this first day was a day of rest and getting settled into our condo.

We drove into Lahaina, just a few miles down the road. We stopped at Lahaina Harbor to check out the snorkel tour boats for the following week or so. Then we went to the grocery store to stock up for the week. That's it!!! We went back to the condo and rested!!!

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