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Journal Entries for 2009-06 Florida
SUMMARY: We flew to Orlando, Florida.

Sunday, June 21st: We had an early flight from Orange County, through Dallas/Ft. Worth, to Orlando. We had a great, uneventful flight.

We were picked up at the airport by a Disney shuttle. They had everything organized, typical of Disney. Except we were put on the WRONG bus!!! However, after a short wait, we were driven in a van to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, our home for the next six days.

We checked into our Savannah Room. We were greeted with a warm Disney welcome. Boy were we tired!!

We could barely see some animals from our room. We could definitely see a giraffe, but it was really dark. We looked forward to seeing them in the daylight and hit the sack!!

001-Stretch limo.jpg

005-Lobby at Animal Kingdom Lodge.jpg

010-Disney welcome at Animal Kingdom Lodge.jpg
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