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Journal Entries for 2009-01 Sedona
OVERALL SUMMARY: We had a timeshare that was "use it or lose it", so we went to Sedona for a week. We went last year, too, so that we wouldn't lose last year's timeshare. We drove the yellow Jeep so that we could drive around on the 4WD roads up into the red rock country. We have some new equipment, too.

Carl just got a new computer, an ACER with an 8.9" screen to use in the Jeep for topo maps. I gave Carl some straps for Christmas for him to hang onto when we're bouncing around. I use them to get in the Jeep. The tiltmeter that Michael got Carl got for Christmas is really fun to watch. The only trouble is that when we're on the slopes, I'm so busy driving, it's hard to look at the tiltmeter!!!

Friday we drove from Parker to Sedona, through Prescott, went to the Visitor's Center for our maps and got checked into the condo.

Saturday we drove to the Vultee Arch Trail (FR152) and then the Van Deren Cabin Trail (a side road from the Vultee Arch Trail). On the way back, we stopped to hike the Devil's Bridge Trail.

Sunday we drove as far as we could on Snebley Hill Road and then we drove the scenic Red Rock Loop including the Oak Creek Homestead trail.

Monday we hiked instead of driving the Jeep around. We hiked the Jordan Trail and the Wilson Canyon Trail through cactus, pine trees and red rocks. It was awesome!!

Tuesday we hiked parts of Dry Creek Trail, Vultee Arch Trail and Secret Canyon Trail.

Wednesday we went to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. I held a python and fed the tiger!!! It was a great day!!

Thursday we hiked along the Snebley Hill Road on the Munds Wagon Trail and then a short hike on the Sedona Centennial Trail.

Friday we drove back to Parker, stopping in Prescott to visit with Roamer friends (John & Tam and Stephanie).

001-Map of Arizona.jpg

002b-RCI Sedona Summit Resort.jpg

010a-Map of Van Deren Cabin Trail.jpg

010b-Map of Hiking Trails.jpg

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