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Journal Entries for 2008-02 Parker 4x4 Jeep Test
Summary: We drove part of the Parker 400 racetrack.

Saturday, Feb 16th: We drove to the Osborne Wash where it intersects with Hwy 95. We pulled off the highway to air down our tires and disconnect the sway bar. The new equipment to air down the tires worked great!! But when Carl tried to disconnect the sway bar, he couldn't disconnect the right one. We decided to leave them and he'd work on them when we got back.

The famous Parker 400 race runs in and along the Osborne Wash in Parker, Arizona. The race is held in January each year. We missed the race this year, but we ran part of the racetrack, about 15 miles of it anyway. I was amazed at how rough it was. Hundrededs of vehicles going over this track at 60 mph created awesome whoop-d-doos!!! These were really fun and we were going to a lot further. The desert was really pretty because of the recent rains!!! But after about 8 miles, we turned around.

We had a lot of fun going up and down a really steep grade. It was kinda scary, but the Jeep made it with no problems!!!! We even got a video of it!!!

We just got new tires and a lift kit installed on our Jeep, so we wanted to test it out!!! It worked great!!! We hit bottom and the rear bumper (a lot) on our last trip, so we took pictures of the improved clearance!!

The new onboard air compressor worked like a champ!! It only took a few minutes to air our tires back up!!!

When we got back to the house, Carl worked with the sway bar disconnects. He made a small adjustment and seemed to get them working.

101-GPS Osborne Wash track.jpg

102-Jeep on whoop-d-doos, Osborne Wash.jpg

104-Jeep on steep grade, Osborne Wash.jpg

107-Improved rear clearance, Osborne Wash.jpg

114-Improved clearance.jpg
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