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Journal Entries for 2008-01 Sedona
OVERALL SUMMARY: We had a timeshare that was "use it or lose it", so we went to Sedona for a week. We were last there in June 2004 (summertime). We drove the Jeep so that we could drive around on the 4WD roads up into the red rock country. We had a GPS to help us find out way on the Forest Roads. We had trouble getting maps of the Forest Roads, so it was great that we were able to save the GPS tracks.

We wanted to meet up with Scott and Stephanie in Prescott, so we went south on Hwy 95 from Parker. It was an interesting and beautiful drive through Prescott, Jerome and over the Mingus mountains.

We arrived in the middle of a heavy storm. We had rain and snow on the way to Sedona on Saturday and it continued to be cloudy and rainy Sunday and Monday. Sunday we went on a scenic drive (paved roads only) and then on Monday we went to the Montezuma Well, the Montezuma Castle, Tuzigoot National Monuments and Fort Verde.

Then on Tuesday the sun came out and started to dry everything up. But, many of the Forest Roads were closed and remained closed because of the snow. Sedona is about 5,000 feet in elevation, but the snow level was just above that, so most of the places we wanted to go were above the snow level. We tried a 4WD trail off of the Red Rock Loop (because it was below the snow level), but we were turned back by a wash with too much water in it. Then we took an easy 4WD trail to the Palatki Heritage Site to see more ruins. We weren't going to go out of our way to go to any more ruins, but it was a neat drive to the Palatki Heritage Site.

On Wednesday we found a Forest Road to Stoneman Lake that had been plowed and was open!!! We got the Jeep really dirty on that one!!! On Thursday, we decided to go through Oak Creek Canyon up towards Flagstaff. Then we went to the Walnut Canyon National Monument (just a few miles east of Flagstaff) to see more ruins. We'd been here before, but everything is different in the snow. The storms had caused rockslides, so we couldn't go all the way to the ruins. So, we went to Sunset Crater National Monument (one of our favorite places to camp, just a few miles north of Flagstaff). This was really different in the snow, too!!!

Friday was our last day, but they were starting to open some of the Forest Roads. We went for a really nice 3-mile hike and then took the Jeep on a moderate 4WD trail to an old cabin. That was the most fun we had driving!!! We're getting better and more confident with the 4WD stuff. We plan to do lots more. This is a lot of fun!!!

We left Sedona early on Saturday and drove back a different route. We went north through Flagstaff, west on Hwy 40 to Kingman. Then we went south to Hwy 95 and back to Parker. As we came down in elevation, we saw less and less snow and the temperature got warmer and warmer. The cold and snow is fun for a while and then we're ready to come back to warmer weather.

001a-Arizona map.jpg

125-Oak Creek Homestead map.jpg

165-Stoneman Lake map.jpg

200-Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater map.jpg

259-Vultee Arch, Van Deren Cabin map.jpg
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