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Journal Entries for 2005-11 Florida
OVERALL SUMMARY: We got a chance to visit with Mark & Barbara and Alvah, as well as Jack, Carol Sellers (& Barbara) and Charlie Milligan in Key West. We had planned on having Bruce & Kathy come by and visit on their trip to visit Bruce's Mom (she lives near Tampa) and Key West. But, unfortunately, Kathy's stepfather passed away the day they were going to leave. Bruce came to Florida to visit his mom for Thanksgiving and then went back home. We were all really disappointed. But...we'll be here again and Kathy & Bruce will visit his mom again, so maybe we can get together here next time.

You will all be glad to know that I didn't write a day-by-day journal this trip. This time we stayed in one place the whole time. I know, a bit different than our other trips, but we had a different objective this time. We plan on spending lots of time in Florida and we wanted to see what we could find to do "all day long". Would we get bored? Would we get tired of walking on the beach? Would we get tired of staying in one place for so long??

Anyway, this time I just wrote about the highlights when I got some time. We were so busy sitting on the patio, reading, doing jigsaw puzzles (I haven't played with them for over 20 years), walking on the beach, laying around and relaxing!!! It's such hard work being retired!!!

Our condo was right on the beach at Ft. Myers Beach. We left the sliders open the whole time (except when we left for any length of time) and were able to hear the surf from the kitchen, living room and bedroom. It was great. We ate on the lanai watching the sunrises and sunsets. We walked on the beach almost every day. There were some days when we went exploring and walked a lot, so those days we missed walking on the beach.

The condo was very centrally located. Topps Grocery Store was right across the street. We would grab a basket from our parking lot, go across the street, get our groceries and walk back, taking the basket up the elevator right into our kitchen. It was great!!! Just a few blocks down was the Bay Oaks Recreation Center that offered aerobics classes (great classes!!) at 8:00 a.m. on Mon, Wed & Fri. Carl came with me several times and he worked out in the gym with weights and played basketball (his favorite form of exercise) while I did my aerobics. Then we would walk another block or so to the library where we could get on the Internet and check our emails.

The first week or so that we were there, we talked a couple times to a real estate guy and he showed us a house on the beach and a condo for sale. The house was really great, just perfect for us, except the timing is not right. We just aren't ready to buy yet. We want to travel and explore in the RV for the next few years. But...we got some good information and have a much better idea of what we might want to buy in the future. We need to remember the hurricanes, too. Maybe we should just continue to rent??!/??

Well, that's about the gist of it. We had a great time. A more detailed record of our trip is in the rest of the journals. Enjoy!!
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