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Journal Entries for 2004-06 Grand Canyon, Sedona
OVERALL SUMMARY: Well, Steven's graduation from Cal Poly, Pomona with a BSEE on June 13th went really well. It was worth it to postpone our Sedona-Grand Canyon trip. We spent 1 night in Jerome, the old mining town. Then went to Sedona for several days. On the way home, we stopped at the Grand Canyon for several days.

Thursday, June 17th: We left early this morning so we could get to the river early. Carl was able to go for a jet ski ride, and then we kicked back and relaxed.

Friday, June 18th: Nice river day. Carl went for another jet ski ride before attempting to start the rest of the toys. The two-seater wouldn't start. Carl determined it must be the battery and so, we went into town for a battery. We got the two-seater started, along with everything else. We just kicked back and enjoyed a great river day.

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