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Journal Entries for 2004-03 Florida
Summary: We flew to Florida, rested a day and then were ready to start our vacation. We went for a boat ride with Jerry (a realtor) to Safety Harbor for lunch.

Thursday, March 18th: We flew to Florida.

Friday, March 19th: Sleep catch up day, mostly napped, walked on beach.

Saturday, March 20th: We met Jerry, his wife, sister & friend at the Cape Coral Marina. While we waited for Jerry to bring his boat around, we watched other boaters pull in a cage that was caught on their prop.

We left the Cape Coral Marina, went out to the channel of the Caloosahatchee River, up the intercoastal waterway by Sanibel to Safety Harbor in Upper Captiva for lunch. We saw several osprey nests along the way and we went by the ruins of the Upper Captiva Fish House outside Safety Harbor.

001-Jerry's boat.jpg

002-Cage caught on prop.jpg

003-Osprey nest.jpg

004-View from boat.jpg

005-Upper Captiva fish house.jpg

006-Safety Harbor.jpg

007-Barnacle Phil's sign.jpg

008-Safety Harbor Marina.jpg

009-Lunch w Jerry.jpg

010-Osprey nest on antenna.jpg

011-Upper Captiva canal.jpg
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