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Journal Entries for 2001-12 Powder Mountain
Summary: We left town on Friday, Dec 7th and stayed overnight in Mesquite, Nevada. The next day we arrived at the Powder Ridge Condos and got settled in.

Friday, Dec 7th: We left town as soon as Michael and Steven got home from their finals. We hit some traffic, especially on the way to Vegas, but not too bad. We got as far as Mesquite, Nevada. Carl and I had our first fight, a snowball fight, in the parking lot during a walk. There was no snow on the ground, but there was a car parked with a small trailer behind it full of snow. Carl had been waiting for just such an opportunity. I think he won.

Saturday, Dec 8th: We drove the rest of the way, from Mesquite, Nevada to Eden, Utah. Eden is less than an hour for Ogden. We were able to go I-15 all the way to Ogden, so it was certainly an easier drive than up Hwy 395 through Mammoth to Lake Tahoe as we have done in the past. The instructions indicated that we should rent a 4-wheel drive for the 1 mile steep, dirt road, but we didn't have any trouble. The roads were all plowed and easy to maneuver.

We got to the Powder Ridge Condos by mid-afternoon, even with the hour time difference. We checked in, got unpacked and went to dinner.

We had dinner at the Wolf Creek Lodge, just a few miles from the condo. Then we went grocery shopping. We were limited with the amount of food we could bring in the truck, with 4 people and all the ski gear.

The people at the office were really helpful. We were able to buy tickets at the office for Michael & Steven at a discount, $33 instead of $37 (lots cheaper than Tahoe). They also provided us with great information about ski/snowboard lessons, how to get to the run (it was just behind us), etc.

The Powder Ridge condos were all by themselves at almost the top of the mountain. The view from the condo was breathtaking. We could see Sundown Ridge from our window. It was lit up at night for night skiing. There was another run lit up at night further in the distance. We could see tracks all over the hills, but rarely saw any snowboarders/skiers.
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