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Journal Entries for 2017-03 RV Anza-Borrego DWYC
Summary: We went to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Monday, March 20th: We left Lake Forest in the morning and drove out to Parker. There had been a lot of rain in Jan, Feb and Mar, so the wildflowers were out. It was one of the prettiest drives we've had.

Tuesday, March 21st & Wednesday, Mar 22nd: We took care of things at the house and got the Roamer and Jeep ready for our trip to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to meet up with the DWYC Landlubbers.

Thursday, March 23rd: We left Parker about 9:00am, heading south on Hwy 95 to Blythe. From there we turned off on Hwy 78 and took it all the way to Borrego Springs. There was a stiff wind all the way. When we drove through Glamis, the wind was blowing really hard and there was sand all over the road.

We stopped in Brawley for lunch at KFC. This worked out great because we had leftover KFC chicken for lunch and a couple dinners. We need things simple when we're camping!!

As we drove past Ocotillo Wells, we started seeing metal sculptures out in the open desert, mostly wild horses, but we didn't get any pictures. We arrived in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park about 2:00am and found several DWYC Landlubbers were already there. We were a day early, but several others were too. We got set up and then went to visit with Steve & Sondra and other DWYC campers.

About 3:30pm we drove up the road to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Visitor Center. It was crowded, really crowded. Everybody was here to see the "super bloom" of the wildflowers. We walked around the garden at the visitor center admiring the wildflowers, blooming cactus and ocotillos. Then we went back to the campground to see who else had showed up.

We met Rich & Susie who have been coming to Anza-Borrego since they were in high school. They had an awesome Jeep and we made plans to meet them in the morning and he would show us some great stuff.

We joined the group for appetizers and cocktails and then went home for dinner and bed. It had been a long drive (5 hours) in the Roamer, which we haven't driven in over a year. The wind didn't make it any easier.

003-Flowers driving to river.jpg

007-Glamis Sand Dunes from Roamer.jpg

014-Roamer & Jeep, Palm Canyon Resort, Borrego Springs.JPG

017-Flowers, Visitor Center, Anza-Borrego SP.jpg

018-Flowers, Visitor Center, Anza-Borrego SP.jpg
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