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Journal Entries for 2015-01 RV Quartzsite MOE
Summary: We went to the Southern Cross Mine.

Monday, January 19th: We left Parker in the late morning. We arrived in Quartzsite and found the MOE group campsite. They were in the same location as the previous year, but there were NO vehicles there. Everybody was out somewhere. It didn't take long for us to set up camp. Carl put up the hammock and we relaxed while we waited for the group to return.

While we were eating lunch, someone from our group arrived, hooked up the vehicle and took off. We didn't even get a chance to say "Hi". After our lunch, Dick & Connie, Dan & Jan, Keith & Bev (Jim & Jeannie's neighbors), Alan & Claudia, Charles & Mary and Terry & Velma arrived. They'd all been out in different directions shopping or doing other errands. Jim & Jeannie were in Blythe addressing Jeannie's medical issues and arrived much later.

As it was getting dark, we had cocktails and got acquainted/reacquainted around the campfire. We had dinner and went to bed.

Tuesday, January 20th: We got up, had coffee and got ready for a Jeep run. But, Dick and Dan were planning on going into town and Jim had to take care of Jeannie. So..with help from Jim's Backcountry Adventure book, we ended up our own small group of Charles & Mary on the South Plomosa Range Trail. This was quite an adventure because we didn't know where we were going or how to get there.

The start of the trail was immediately north of MM8 off of Plomosa Road. We tried to find the Bouse Fisherman intaglio (an engraving or incised figure in stone or other hard material depressed below the surface so that an impression from the design yields an image in relief). We didn't find it!! But we did find a sign about Quinn Pass. This was after MM11. Thomas P. Quinn, born 1869 in New Jersey, had a mine near here and dug a cistern to catch water. He built a house just north of this sign and lived there until old age forced him to move to Bouse. The remains of his cistern survive and served travelers for many years after his passing. We drove the jeep up the hill on a trail, but didn't find any remains of his cabin or the cistern. We had a beautiful view from the top.

We had a conference regarding directions and finally decided to turn around, forget the intaglio and just find the start of the trail. Jim had told us that there were always campers near the turn off and this time we saw them because we were coming from the opposite direction. We started off on our adventure.

We had to carefully follow the mileage in the book. We found the fork in the road at exactly 1.7 miles. We went straight on to the Southern Cross Mine. We missed the Tough Nut Shafts. We were still learning how to read the book.

We stopped at some stone ruins. We could see mine tailings in the distance and when we got out, we saw the concrete foundations mentioned in the book, at just the right mileage, too. While we were walking around, a group of Jeeps came by and stopped here, too. There were lots of other groups out in the desert everywhere we went.

We went up to the concrete foundations mentioned in the book and turned right towards the Southern Cross Mine. We stopped and ate lunch below the mine and tailings. A small group that was camping with the hams joined us.

Then we continued on to the loading chute at the end of the trail. We walked around a bit and then headed back.

The South Plomosa Range Trail is a loop. We went back to the 1.7 mile mark and continued on the loop. We stopped at some more stone ruins and walked around a bit, taking pictures. There was another group here, too. They were everywhere!!

We didn't stop and get out of the Jeep at the Climax Mine. We saw the roads branching off to the mine, but it was getting late. There were a lot of trails branching off, many made by quads and not wide enough for the Jeep. It was really hard to tell which branch to take!! Fortunately, Jim's book noted landmarks at specific mileage locations and it was a good thing, because we'd never have made it back.

We finally made it back to Plomosa Road MM3-END OF TRAIL. We continued back to camp, stopping for gas along the way.

After dinner, we had a great campfire!! This is what camping is all about!!

001-Carl in hammock, Quartzsite.JPG

005-Camping site at Quartzsite.JPG

013-View from Quinn Pass.JPG

018-Map of South Plomosa Range Trail.JPG

032-Charles & Mary, Nancy at stone ruins, South Plomosa Trail.JPG

049-Carl, Mary & Charles at loading chute, Southern Cross Mine, South Plomosa Range Trail.JPG

069-Sitting around campfire.JPG
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