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Journal Entries for 2013-10 RV Monument Valley ER
Summary: We went to the Sunset Crater National Monument.

Saturday, Sept 28th: We left Parker about 7:30 a.m. The weather had been hot (high 90's), but was a nice 70 degrees when we left. We drove 100 miles to Kingman to visit with Jim & Jeannie and Dick & Connie. We had a really great visit for a couple hours and then we headed out to the Sunset Crater National Monument.

Just as we were heading out of Flagstaff, just a few miles from Sunset Crater NM, we saw another Roamer in a gas station. So we pulled in to say hello. We met Dino & Pam from Mesa, AZ in #110. They'd just bought it a few weeks ago. We chatted a little bit and then went on our separate ways.

They headed up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for some hiking and we continued on to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument (262 miles) where we camped on the cinder cones on FR776 (between MM6 and MM7). We stopped about 3:30 pm. This gave us plenty of time to set up camp and relax a bit. This is a beautiful area. It was a Saturday, but there were just a few ATVs out running around.

Sunday, Sept 29th: We were headed to Mexican Hat in Utah to spend one night close to Goosenecks State Park where we were going to meet up with the Roamer group. We left our cinder cones camp about 7:30am. We drove through the Sunset Crater NM and Wupatki NM, which is a loop just east of Hwy 89. This is always a fun drive for us.

It wasn't a long drive from Sunset Crater to Mexican Hat, so we were going to stop at a few places along the way. Our first stop was at the Dinosaur Tracks just off of Hwy 160.

We pulled up and parked, jumped out and WHOA!! There was water running out of somewhere in the back of the camper!! Carl finally determined that it was the water heater seal that so many of the Roamers had had trouble with in the past. So, we went to Plan B. We never did see the Dinosaur Tracks.

We continued down the road to Tuba City. Carl called Bill and got some information on possible fixes. We got checked into a motel ($122) that had an adjacent RV park (125 miles), so we dumped and filled up with water. Then we went to the hardware store. Patrick at the hardware store was awesome. Carl asked if he could take some parts outside to make sure they fit before he paid for them and Patrick came out with him. He did a lot of the work and was going in and out of the store getting parts. After at least 2 hours (but only $20), we had water -- just not hot water.

001-Map Parker to Monument Valley.jpg

004-Map to FR 776 campsite.jpg

007-Roamer camp at cinder cones, Sunset Crater NM.jpg
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