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Journal Entries for 2013-03 RV Upper Trout Creek MOE
Summary: We met the MOEs for the Upper Trout Creek run.

Friday, March 15th: We left Parker about 9:00am. We were heading for Hwy 40, Exit 66 at the Petro Truck Stop to meet up with the MOEs the next morning for a day run in the Jeep. We got to the Blake Ranch Rd RV Park about 12:30pm. We had made reservations, just in case they were full of snow birds, so we knew we had a space. We got settled and had lunch.

We hadn't had the Roamer out for over 2 years. Carl had run the major systems and they were all working, but we left without the TV or the skylight working. After lunch Carl finally got the TV and the skylight working. The TV had come unplugged with the bouncing and we needed good batteries in the skylight remote. Now we were ready for some fun.

Saturday, March 16th: We got up and had our morning coffee, just one cup, while we walked around the campground. Then we drove 1/2-mile down the road in our Jeep to the Iron Skillet Restaurant at the Petro Truck Stop. We met up with Dan, Dick & Connie, and Jim & Jeannie. We had a great breakfast buffet and more people arrived.

Dan was the leader, Dick & Connie in the middle with Bob & Sue as the tail gunners. There were a total of 10 vehicles. Dan led us under Hwy 40 on Blake Ranch Rd on a cutoff to Hwy 93. Only a small section of the road was corrugated and we made good time. We passed the Yellow Fire Ranch and Carl practiced with his new camera. He got a good picture of the ranch.

Carl was also getting familiar with his new GoPro camera. He mounted it on the front bumper of the Jeep. We didn't quite get what we were hoping for, but we're learning. He turned on the WiFi so that he could control it from within the Jeep, but the batteries only lasted for about an hour. The Blake Ranch Rd was nicely graded, so the pictures were pretty boring.

001-Nancy outside Roamer, Blake Ranch Rd RV Park, Kingman.JPG

005-Map of Upper Trout Creek run.jpg

009-Yellow Fire Ranch, Upper Trout Creek run.JPG

014-Road on shortcut to Hwy 93, Upper Trout Creek run.JPG
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