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Journal Entries for 2010-05 RV Luna Lake MOE
Summary: We camped with the MOEs.

Friday, May 28th (Alpine, Az-2nd night): We spent several days with the MOEs here at Luna Lake. Dan had a new trailer, so we got to meet his wife, Jan. Dan was the leader each day. Dick and Connie were there and Dick was the tail gunner of the group. Glen, Mignon and Bob started with our group.

Dan led us around forest roads to Pie Town, New Mexico. Glenn rode with Mignon in her vehicle. We had lunch and/or pie and went back to camp. We traveled 230 miles in the Jeep. On the way back, Bob got a flat tire. Dan got out his kit and fixed the tire with Safety Seal. It took less than half an hour and we were back on the road. I sure hope our ARB tire fix-it kit works as well!!!

Saturday, May 29th (Alpine, Az-3rd night): We followed Dan again for over 95 miles. This time Mignon rode with Glenn in his vehicle. We saw lots of beautiful forest roads.

We went on a scenic drive listed in Arizona Highways to Hannagan Meadow. It was a scenic drive, but Hannagan Meadow was sure a disappointment. We drove by many meadows that were as beautiful or even more beautiful.

We got a picture of a deer way off at the edge of a meadow. Dan had seen several, but then scared them away before we saw them. This one was so far away that she just watched us.

We stopped for lunch at a campground. There was no one there, but there was some rock art. Most of the images here were created between 700 and 900 years ago by people of the prehistoric Mogollon (Muge-yon) culture.

We really lucked out with this lunch spot!!! There was also an old fence stile. When you think of rock, the word "feather" does not come to mind. However, the large stone slabs used to build this fence stile were fashioned with the help of hand tools called "feathers and wedges". These tools were designed to split rock when driven into a natural crack or drilled hole. This skillful stonework are the handiwork of Civilian Conservation Corps crews who developed this campground in the mid-1930s. At first we thought it was really old, but it only dates back to the 1930s.

2070-Luna Lake.jpg

2082-Carl, Dick, Dan checking Bob's tire.jpg

2109-Deer in meadow.jpg

2123-Rock art, Blue River.jpg

2125-Fence stile, Blue River.jpg
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