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Journal Entries for 2010-02 RV Temple Bar MOE
Summary: We drove to Temple Bar at Lake Mead.

Friday, February 12th: We stopped at the city of Chloride on the way up to the Temple Bar area at Lake Mead. Carl had wanted to stop here for quite a while to check it out. We stopped at the Visitor's Center. We got some information about the area and will come by again. We also bought lots of new rugs for the house!!!

When we arrived at the Temple Bar Campground we found Dick & Connie right away. They appeared to be the only camper in the campground. Their vehicle was gone, so we assumed they were out exploring. We took some pictures and explored the area a little bit until the explorers came back. Dan was driving his red camper truck, so we didn't see it in the campground when we came in. Glenn (a new friend) was driving his yellow FJ and was camping in his A-frame which we didn't recognize, of course.

Later a few others joined us. There were a total of six campers. There was Dick & Connie (with Sassy), Dan (& Buddy), Minyon (not sure of spelling, sorry), Ted, Mal & Jean and us.

008-Chloride gas station.jpg

075-Pyramid & reflection, Lake Mead.jpg
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