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Journal Entries for 2010-01 RV Quartzsite MOE
Summary: We drove the South Plomosa Range Trail near Quartzsite, Arizona.

Thursday, January 14th: We left Parker about 10:00 a.m. When we got to the Quartzsite area, we found the fire station and the back road that Jim had told us about. This led to the MOE campsite area. We called Jim on the phone and he came out to lead us back to the MOE area. We were all settled before lunch. Dick & Connie and Larry & Edna arrived before dark.

The wind was really blowing. Actually, it had been blowing for a couple days. By nightfall, it lightened up a little bit and Jim built a really nice fire.

Friday, January 15th: After coffee and breakfast, Jim & Jeannie led us into the desert on the South Plomosa Range Trail. This was a 35-mile (round-trip) run through the desert, passing by several mine shafts and old stone ruins. Our destination was the Southern Cross Mine.

We stopped to walk around and stretch our legs at some stone ruins. Nobody could figure out what was built here or why.

We stopped for lunch at the site of some old ruins.

We passed by several old mines. We stopped at the entrance to this unknown mine. This one didn't go very far.

022-Group at stonework ruins.jpg

035-Nancy, Jeannie, Edna & Larry at lunch stop.jpg

043-Unknown mine entrance.jpg
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