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Journal Entries for 2009-01 RV Quartzsite DE & MOE
OVERALL SUMMARY: We haven't been out in the Roamer for several months, so we were really looking for to our Quartzsite trip. We combined the Hamfest and the DE/MOE trips.

Every year Quartzsite has a big RV show. So Tuesday we went to the "Big Tent" and got our shopping out of the way. Last year we got some folding walking sticks and some other stuff. This year all we bought was a folding step for me to sit on when I do the gardening (and some kettle corn).

The Hams always have several seminars going on. This year we learned about geocaching, remote model trains and Carl did an "antenna walkout". The geocaching was really interesting. We might pursue this if, and when, we have time.

Then Thursday after the Hams' "antenna walkabout" we went over to the DE/MOE camping area. We got caught up with some friends we haven't seen since March or so last year. Friday we went to the Harquahala Peak Smithsonian Observatory. It was 70 miles or so on pavement and easy gravel roads to get to the 10.5 miles of the Harquahala Mountain Back Country Byway. This was an awesome drive!!!

Saturday we went along the Colorado River to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge. We saw lots of ducks, egrets and Canada geese. Then we found an old cabin (Cibola Cabin), an old mine and a beautiful canyon in the Trigo Mountains. We saw a family of Big-Horn Sheep near the mine. AWESOME!!!

We drove back to Parker on Sunday. We had a great time, both at the Hamfest and the DE/MOE jeep runs!!!

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030-DE & MOE campers, Quartzsite.JPG

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