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Journal Entries for 2008-10 RV Baja ER
Summary: We crossed the border at Tecate.

Saturday, Oct 4th: We finally were ready to leave for our Baja trip in the Roamer. Carl and Rohde had spent the past week working on installing a new A/C unit in the camper. That was a miserable job, but it's behind them now!! We left early Saturday morning.

We drove by Glamis, the famous (or it infamous) dunes. We stopped for lunch and took some pictures.

We drove 240 miles to Potrero ($20/night), a small San Diego County campground just a few miles from Tecate, U.S. where we were going to meet up with the rest of the EarthRoamer expedition group. Late that night another Roamer drove up (Barry & Meryl).

Sunday, Oct 5th: The next morning another Roamer drove up (Todd & Marilyn). We were able to visit briefly and then it was time to meet the rest of the group.

The meeting time was 10:00 a.m. on a dirt road just north of Tecate. We were just a few miles away. We were all really excited and ready for our Baja adventure!!! There was a total of 11 vehicles; 9 LT Roamers (8 owners and ER support), one JP Roamer and one Land Rover Defender.

Our group consisted of Scott & Stephanie, Graham & Connie from Expeditions West. Scott (our leader) was driving his new JP Roamer (#9) and Graham (Scott's tailgunner) was driving his Land Rover Defender. We were expecting Bill, but he was unable to make the trip. Instead, Tyler was there in an LT Roamer (#78) to provide "EarthRoamer support".

There was Todd & Marilyn in their brown LT Roamer (#68) from the Bay Area, California, Barry & Meryl in their silver LT Roamer (#22) from Huntington Beach, California and us in our silver LT Roamer (#47). There was Jerry & Coleen in their brown LT (#93??) from Minnesota and Chris & Kathy from Colorado in their brown F-450 (#10).

We knew Carl & Elizabeth from Taos, NM their silver LT (#38), Jerry & Becky in their brown LT (#69) and Tim & Renee in their new brown LT (#92) from previous trips.

When we were all gathered together, Scott called a "driver's meeting" and we were off!!!

Scott led us across the border into Tecate, Mexico. Several vehicles were stopped and the border patrol wanted to look inside and into the back compartments, but this was just a quick check. Most of us just went right on through.

When we were all gathered at a meeting spot on the other side of Tecate, Scott led us down the Mex 3 Highway to our first stop on our expedition.

All of us had FRS radios for communication. These work fairly well when we're within close range. However, several of us also had Ham Radios. These worked much better, especially as we got spread out on the 40 mile dirt roads. Scott and Carl have been promoting Ham Radio as a better means of communication on these expeditions. There were five of us with Ham Radios: Scott, Tyler, Graham, Jerry with the big tires, Todd and us. We spread out in the line of 11 vehicles and almost always had communication. This was really important in going through Ensenada and through the checkpoints.

008-Dunes & quads at Glamis.JPG

013-Roamers at campground.JPG

015-Roamers at meeting spot.JPG

020-Baja map.JPG

027-Roamers in Tecate.JPG
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