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Journal Entries for 2007-10 RV Mohave Desert
Tuesday, October 9th: We wanted to use our Roamer the way it was meant to be used (i.e. on rough 4WD roads), so we planned a short trip to the Mohave National Preserve which is located in California between I-40 and I-15 about 60 miles west of Needles. This is a 1.6-million-acre park in the middle of the Mohave Desert!!!

On our previous trip to this area we visited the Mitchell Caverns and the King Mine (see RV Travels / 2006-11 Mitchell Caverns). This time we were going to drive the Roamer back into remote areas to camp. This meant driving the Roamer on 4WD roads--last time we used the Jeep (and Michael's Element) to get around.

We were really excited about our trip, so we were up early. We finished packing up the Roamer, not really a lot of work for just a couple of days. It was only about a two-hour drive to the Mohave National Preserve. We entered the Preserve via Essex Road and went to the Mitchell Caverns area to get a map and talk to somebody about the roads. We got the map, but the Ranger didn't know about the roads (the caverns are part of the Providence Mountains State Recreation Area, a separate entity apparently).

From the Internet, we got information about several 4WD roads, one of them going to a nice camping area up Caruthers Canyon. This was our destination. We went back to the junction of Black Canyon Road and took it up to Hole-in-the-Wall. Just past this area, the nice, paved, well-maintained road turned into a rough, wash boarded, 4WD road. We really shook things up!!!

October is a really nice time in the desert. It's not too hot, not too cold. There were lots of goldenbush plants and the butterflies really like them!!!! When we got to Mohave Road, we turned east (into new territory for us) until we found New York Mountain Road.

We found the big 4-way intersection that marked the road into Caruthers Canyon!! We weren't sure until we saw the red tags on the bushes. We got a picture of this intersection the next morning as we were leaving Caruthers Canyon.

This road became significantly narrower and rougher!! As we climbed in altitude, we started seeing Joshua trees.

02-Roamer going offroad.jpg

04-Rough road ahead.jpg

06-Roamer in wash & flowers.jpg

08b-Roamer at big 4-way intersection.jpg

09-Joshua trees along road.jpg
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