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Journal Entries for 2007-05 RV Maine - Nova Scotia
GENERAL SUMMARY: We left Lake Forest just a few days after our Princess Cruise to the Caribbean. We went to Parker for a week or so to get our new EarthRoamer ready for our summer trip to the East Coast. Although we bought the EarthRoamer last July (2006), we didn't take delivery until November, 2006. Carl broke his ribs in Denver when we picked it up and by the time he was healed, we were off to New Zealand and Australia and then on our cruise.

We left Parker, Arizona in our new EarthRoamer on May 1st, 2007. We went to the Mesa Verde National Park, took the Durango to Silverton train and then went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. We went east through Oklahoma to Arkansas to the Noah family reunion. From there we went out of our way to the Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. We went south into North Carolina to visit Dana and Marcia and then into South Carolina to visit Don and his family.

Then we headed directly for the east coast. We went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, spending several days driving around and exploring that area. Then we worked our way up the coast to Silver Springs, Maryland to visit with Darryl and his family. That was the last of family visits for a while. Now we were on our own, so to speak.

We quickly drove through Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire to Maine. We'd been inland for a few days, so we headed directly to Boothbay, Maine!! We had a great time there--eating lobster, lobster and more lobster!!! We headed up Maine's Hwy 1, stopping at Acadia National Park (& Bar Harbor).

We entered Canada over the FDR Memorial Bridge to the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park. Then we went to Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, Canada and finally, finally into Nova Scotia. We spent 11 days in Nova Scotia before heading "home". We came back through New Brunswick to Quebec.

We were glad to get back to the States, even if it was New York. We went to Niagara Falls and then drove through Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois to visit Carl's cousin, Sue in Indiana. Our next stop was to visit with Teresa Camp and her family in St. Louis, Missouri. Then we stopped in Kansas City for a couple days to meet Brian and Kay, soon to be EarthRoamer owners. Then we stopped at Yates Center to visit Johnny and Phyllis.

Our next stop was for repairs in Denver, Colorado. We had warranty work done on both the Ford F-550 and the EarthRoamer camper. We spent two days at Ford and they're just like all dealers (horrible!!). However, our Roamer experience was great!! They fixed just about everything on our long list and some other things that weren't even on the list (they get a rating of 10 out of 10!!! Awesome!!)

We left Denver and basically headed directly home. We stayed an extra day near Canyonlands National Park in Utah and met up with Michael and Nancy on their Labor Day Weekend trip. We finally arrived back at the river on September 5th. We had to unpack and clean up. Then we got back to California on September 10th. What a GREAT trip!!! But we were glad to be home again!!!

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