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Journal Entries for 2006-11 RV Mitchell Caverns
Summary: We wanted to take one last trip in our Pace Arrow before we started traveling with our new Roamer. So we packed up the RV for one last short trip. We went to the Mitchell Caverns, about 40 miles west of Needles. Michael and Nancy drove us Saturday morning to met us for a camping weekend.

Friday, Nov 10th (Parker, Ariz): We drove to the Mojave National Preserve (130 miles). It got really windy the last hour or so of the drive. We found a campsite with a great view in the Providence Mountains State Recreation Area ($10/day, Sr discount). We got settled into our campsite and decided to go for an exploratory drive.

We went around the loop--Black Canyon Road, Mojave Road, Kelso Cima Road, Kelbacker Road, Hwy 40 and back to Essex Road. We went through the Kelso Depot which has been restored. Then we went to the Kelso Dunes. It was getting late, so we didn't have time to climb them. The brochure said that they made a booming sound when people run down them. Too bad we didn't have time to check it out.

We got back to our campsite and got great picture of a desert sunset.
01-Mitchell Caverns Map.jpg

02-Kelso Depot.jpg

06-Kelso Dunes.jpg

07-Sunset from Mitchell Caverns.jpg
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