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Journal Entries for 2006-05 RV Montana
SUMMARY: We started by going northeast towards Utah. We spent several days in Mexican Hat, Utah (Journals #3-#9) exploring that area. We spent 9 days in the Moab, Utah (Journals #10-#19) area exploring Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, three days in Vernal (Journals #20-#23). Then we spent 14 days in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks (Journals #24-#61). We continued north to Glacier National Park (Journals #62-#65), into Canada (Journals #66-#80) and then back through the east part of Glacier National Park (Journals #81-#87). We came back southeast (Journals #88-#95) to the Black Hills of South Dakota (Journals #96-#107). We went to the Badlands (Journals #108-#116), Custer State Park (Journals #117-#119), Mt. Rushmore (Journals #120-#121) and the Black Hills caverns (Journals #122-#128). Then we headed southwest. We stopped to look at a new RV in Denver (Journal #129), the Rocky Mountain National Park (Journals #130-#137), Capital Reef National Park (Journals #138-#144) and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (Journals #145-#149) before getting back to Parker (Journal #149).

Saturday, May 6th thru Wednesday, May 10th (Parker, Ariz): We packed up hot weather clothes, cold weather clothes, all of the food in our new refrigerator (our old refrigerator started leaking about a week before we left, so we had to go out and buy a new one) that would spoil and we couldn't freeze and took off for Parker. We drove both the Toyota truck and the new Jeep. We couldn't fit everything into the Jeep and we planned to leave the Jeep at the river. We used the car ham radios to keep in communication and I think we talked as much during the long 5-hour drive as we do when we're in the same vehicle.

We got the new tow bar on the back of the jeep. This should have been an easy task, but as usual it turned into a can of worms. The tow bar was delivered to Lake Forest and the box was really beat up. It turns out the tow bar was bent, either before it was ever shipped or during shipping. We had to bend it so it would fit the Jeep frame. Then one of the bolts that Carl took out of the bumper had damage to the threads and he couldn't get it back in. We actually spent a lot of time on this stuff, getting it right. But we finally got it done. We needed the tow bar so we could attach the bicycles to the back of the Jeep for our trip.

We spent the next few days getting various chores done in preparation for our trip. Monday night we had Rohde, Shelly and Steve Robinson (Carl's high school buddy) over for dinner. Carl took the jet ski out several times (we had the bikes on the Jeep, so you should have seen us launching the jet ski with the big pickup--we had the lid on back of the truck and so lowering the tailgate didn't even help.

Finally everything was ready to go.
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