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Journal Entries for 2013-04 Grand Cayman Island-Family (Michael)
OVERALL SUMMARY: This is the third of several Family Trips we have planned. This trip was with Michael, Nancy and Ethan (2 yrs). We flew to Grand Cayman Island for 11 nights. The CI (Cayman Island) territory comprises the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman Islands. We stayed on the largest of the three islands, Grand Cayman.

We rented a private villa (3BR Fingertip) at Rum Point. The high season ends Apr 15th, so we got a break on the price ($540/night instead of $850/night). The villa was our base of operations for the week. It was on the remote north side of the island and we had a 45-min to an hour drive to most activities and snorkeling. But the up side was that it was quiet and we had our very own private beach. Even when it was windy elsewhere, our little piece of paradise was quiet and the water was calm.

We took a lot of pictures!! We had a total of seven cameras; three of them were underwater cameras. Michael had two cameras, Carl had three cameras (GoPro, Olympus and Canon D20) and I had two cameras (Canon SX and D10). The pictures are a mix of all of these cameras. During the 12 days of our trip, two cameras broke - Michael's Kodak and our Canon D10.

We arrived late on Wednesday, so we just snorkeled at our beach on Thursday. Our schedule for the next week was based on the number of cruise ships in town. This showed that there were no cruise ships on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Friday we went to the Cayman Turtle Farm in West End, a long drive. There were a lot of turtles. We swam with juvenile Green Sea turtles and then got to pick up 1-2 year old turtles. The highlight for Ethan was the waterslide. Then Saturday, we drove to West End again because we had reservations at Dolphin Discovery was right across the street from the Cayman Turtle Farm. Carl, Michael and I interacted with the dolphins in their top Royal Swim program. This was a very touchy-feely program. We were pulled through the water, holding onto two dolphins' fins and then they pushed us up into the air by pushing on our feet. Awesome!! Ethan was too young and Nancy too pregnant.

We had no advance plans for Sunday so we went to the famous SMB (7-Mile Beach). We snorkeled at Cemetery Beach at the north end and then after lunch we snorkeled at Devils Grotto at Eden Rock, which is on the south end of SMB.

Monday we had reservations to go by boat to the Stingray Sandbar and a couple other snorkel sites on the barrier reef. This was much better snorkeling than on SMB. Tuesday we stayed closer to home and went to Starfish Point (just around the corner) and snorkeled on the north side of Grand Cayman. Wednesday we finally got around to going for a scenic drive around the East End and stopped at the Blow Hole. Then we continued on to Camana Bay in Georgetown for souvenir shopping, the Farmer's Market and the fresh fish market. This was the only day that we didn't snorkel.

Thursday we snorkeled at Smith's Cove. Friday we stopped by South Sound to see the offshore wreck and then went to Governor's Beach, which is about in the middle of SMB, for snorkeling. Saturday we snorkeled on our beach and then drove to West End again to Dolphin Discovery for Ethan and Michael to do the Lover's Swim with the dolphins. They got to touch and interact with the dolphin without the Dolphin Push or Dolphin pull.

Sunday, our last day, we relaxed and packed up until we had to leave for the airport. We flew home and Michael and his family stayed the night. They left Monday morning and our trip was over.

This was another extremely successful Family Trip.

0001-Map of Caribbean.jpg

0058a-View from Fingertip beach, CI.JPG

0427-Michael pushed by dolphins, Cayman Dolphin Discovery.JPG

0731-Nancy, M&N, Ethan (2 yrs) with stingrays, Stingray Sandbar, CI.JPG

0968-Underwater reef, CI.JPG

1022-Underwater 2nd reef, CI.JPG
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