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Journal Entries for 2005-03 Mexico
OVERALL SUMMARY: I think both Carl & I came back from Mexico with a different opinion or feeling about Mexico. We are so conditioned by the media that we expected something just slightly better than Tijuana or Ensenada. La Paz and the Cabos (San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas) were all really nice, clean, friendly and middle class. There aren't really a lot of attractions in the area, except for the beautiful beaches and the Arch. It's been built up with really expensive hotels with pools. English was spoken almost everywhere. Not sure how to feel about this. While we want the experience of another culture and language, it is easier when English is spoken. We also expected things to be cheaper than they were. We found hotels to be $160+ and meals to be $10+.

One other thing. I bought a magnetic bracelet a few months ago. They advertised it for arthritis, but I've heard it was good for motion sickness. I didn't take any pills for air- or seasickness the whole time. I didn't ever feel that funny feeling in my head or stomach!! The real test will be sailing on the ocean off our coast. I'll let you know how it goes.
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